Previous meetings of MWVCTS

MWVCTS Meeting #7 ~ Day of the Death by Chocolate

Saturday 4 November 2023

from 2.30 ~ 4.30 pm

The Barn, Mosman

A dead-set feast of chocolate was enjoyed by some wonderful new comers and old friends to the MWVCS family. The food was complemented on, the company was fab and the Bellini went down a treat... oh and the pinata took an good solid beating from all on multiple turns before it finally yielded its Mexican lollies.

MWVCTS Meeting #6 ~ Springtime Afternoon Tea

Saturday 23 September 2023

from 2 ~ 4 pm

National Theatre, Braidwood

Just a colourful, friendly, fun afternoon, thank you again Braidwood! And  a HUGE thank you again to my helpers, Kim, Emma, Maddy, Kimberly and Barry... and to the amazing Elegant Associates for serendaing us so beautifully all afternoon. Congrats to the Fashions on the Field winners - it was a hard choice!

MWVCTS Meeting #5 ~ Striezelmarkt

Saturday 29 July 2023

from 2 ~ 4 pm

The Barn, Mosman

There was 'snow', abundant fabulous food and a great crowd who got right into the midwinter spirit of things - the spiced drinks helped. Ilana was crowned The Great Antler Ring Toss Challenge champion. 

MWVCTS Meeting #4 ~ The Autumnal Baking Competition ~ Braidwood

Saturday 27 May 2023

from 2.30 ~ 4.30 pm

The National Theatre Braidwood

What a joy and success the crowd made it. Congratulations to Vera (1st place), Catherine (2nd place), Lyn (3rd Place) and Christine and Rose (Highly Commended) for entering the CWA Irish Apple Cake baking comp. The cakes were delicious!

Thanks to Simon Finch and Kim Holden for taking some photos when I had my hands full. Thanks to Deborah Thomson (vocals) and Stephen (piano) for the immaculate vibes. To my helpers extraordinaire: Ruth, Kim, Emma, Ruby and Ambrose - you are legends all.

MWVCTS Meeting #3 ~ The Long Hot Summer Picnic

Saturday 25 February 2023

from 2.30 ~ 4.30 pm

The Barn, Avenue Road Mosman

The vibe was awesome, the food was fresh! 

MWVCTS Meeting #2 ~ The Commonsense 1945 Street Party
Saturday 29 October 2022

from 2 ~ 4 pm

The Barn, Avenue Road Mosman

We partied like it was 1945! Vintage ring toss to win prizes and two-up champion crowned. 

MWVCTS Meeting #1 Winter Edition

Saturday 30 July 2022

from 2 ~ 4 pm

The Barn, Avenue Road Mosman

An all eras extravaganza with an open log fire to kick off the inaugural meeting of MWVCTS.

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